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  • Timor Leste Hotel Loby
  • Timor Leste Hotel Loby1
  • Timor Leste Hotel Loby2
  • Timor Leste Hotel Front
  • Timor Leste Hotel Front1
  • Environment Novo Hotel
  • Timor Leste Hotel Front2
  • Timor Leste Hotel Front3
  • Timor Leste Hotel Front4
  • Timor Leste Hotel Front5
  • Timor Leste Hotel Garden
  • Pool Novo Turismo Hotel Timor Leste3
  • Pool Novo Turismo Hotel Timor Leste1
  • Pool Novo Turismo Hotel Timor Leste2
  • Pool Novo Turismo Hotel Timor Leste
  • Pool Novo Turismo Timor
  • Pool Novo Turismo Hotel Timor Leste4
  • Deluxe Room
  • Room Novo Dili Hotel1
  • Room Novo Dili Hotel2
  • Room Novo Dili Hotel
  • Room Novo Turismo Dili Hotel
  • Room Novo Turismo Dili Hotel1
  • Room Novo Turismo Dili Hotel2
  • Room Novo Turismo Hotel4
  • Super Deluxe
  • Junio Suite
  • Presidential Suite
  • Living Room Junior Suite1
  • Bathroom Novo Turismo
  • Living Room Junior Suite
  • Living Room Junior Suite2
  • Living Room Novo Hotel Dili
  • Living Room President Suite
  • Living Room President Suite1
  • Timor Leste Hotel Dili
  • Hotel Club
  • Hotel Club1
  • Hotel Club2
  • Hotel Club3
  • Lounge Bar Novo Turismo1
  • Novo Turismo Timor Restaurant
  • Novo Turismo Restaurant
  • Restaurant Front Pool
  • Timor Leste Hotel Restaurant1
  • Meeting Room Novo Turismo
  • Meeting Room Novo2
  • Meeting Room Novo
  • Meeting Room Novo1
  • Timor Leste Hotel Meeting Room
  • Timor Leste Hotel Restaurant
  • Spa Refleksi Hotel Dili
  • Spa Refleksi Hotel Dili1
  • Timor Leste Hotel Spa

What's New

What's New in Novo Turismo Hotel

State of the art business centre located within the resort. High-speed internet...

Explore Timor Leste

Explore Timor Leste in Novo Turismo

So many options here. The Spa offers many services to ensure all your tensions are...

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Press Release Hotel in Dili

Keep up to date information or news and improve awareness about...

Guest Reviews
Guest Reviews dili hotels

"Great, pleasant and high class hotel in Dili Timor-Leste"
( October 07,2014 - PStOpp ~ Cairo, Egypt )
We have now been staying for almost 5 weeks i...