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Novo Turismo

Welcome, you have found the home of perfect balance in idyllic Timor Leste. This stunning new Resort and Spa has been custom built to fulfil all your needs during your stay in this beautiful country.

Novo Turismo could easily be described as an Innovation Centre. Everything can be done under the one roof, it is truly a multi-functional property. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, contemporary Portugese Architecture with soft arches and strong wooden frames. Natural Balinese stone creates a magnificent textured wall feature. The lobby entrance is a commanding and truly amazing wooden steeped high rise roof, absolute elegance.

Business. Leisure. Pleasure and beyond. Located directly across from the stunning Timor Sea , vast views and ocean breezes.

Business – state of the art business centre located within the resort. High-speed internet. Small meeting rooms for intimate groups, spacious conference room with a capacity of 300 people. Restaurant, Lounge and Bar areas for coffee appointments. Ideally located and a modern clean, fresh décor to inspire.
Leisure – the property is well laid out, with pool view rooms, garden view rooms and ocean view rooms. Available in Standard, Deluxe, Suites and Executive Suites (or whatever their names specifically are). Each room is decorated by an interior designer and have a very high level of comfort for all. Flat screen televisions and satellite tv stations.
Pleasure – so many options here. The Spa offers many services to ensure all your tensions are taken away and your needs met. An in-house gym, so you don’t have to pause your exercise regime. A sparkling pool surrounded with sun-beds for relaxation and taking time out. Entertainment by the pool and in the lounge regularly. You desire for rest or fun is easily found at Novo Turisimo.

You could very easily spend your time at Timor Leste within our property and everything you will need will be at your finger tips. We cater for all markets; business, investment potential, research trip, holiday makers, families and groups.

Our state of the art business centre, pool bar, casual dining, coffee breaks and even designated smoking areas will ensure all patrons are comfortable and enjoying their visit.

Nothing is a problem for our friendly staff, it is our priority and level of standard service to ensure your stay is beyond your expectations. We have created this property for you, to have the experience that you want. The choice is yours, how busy or how relaxed you wish to spend your time with us.

There is of course some fabulous sights close by. There are traditional fruit markets almost across the road and traditional night fish markets just a little further up. These are wonderful places to mix with the locals and indulge in local produce. Conveniently, a few doors up is a supermarket if you have to grab a few things for your stay with us.
The famous Jesus Christ statue is only a 5 kilometre drive from the resort and you can see it from the property. Cristo Rei of Dili is an 88.6-foot-high (27.0 m) statue of Jesus located atop a globe. The statue was designed by Mochamad Syailillah, who is better known as Bolil. The statue was officially unveiled by Suharto in 1996 as gift from the Indonesian government to the people of East Timor, which was at the time still a province. The statue is one of the main tourist attractions in East Timor.

And in the opposite direction you can see the breathtaking view point where you will find Pope John Paul II, a six-meter-tall bronze statue of the late Pope, erected in 2008 in Tasitolu, where this Pontiff celebrated Mass on Oct, 12, 1989, during the Indonesian occupation. The statue, which overlooks the capital’s western fringe and faces the sea, stands next to a chapel, also built in the late Pope’s honour.
Timor Leste has some of the best dive sites in the world due to its location, warm waters, minimalist tourist trade and lack of commercial fishing or heavy industry. Situated in the Coral Triangle, Timor is surrounded by deep water (about 2,500m between Liquiçá and Alor Island, Indonesia) that gives home to an abundance of coral and fish life, including the annual migration of whales through the Ombai Strait and Wetar Strait.

Our staff will be able to direct you in any direction if there is something specific you wish to visit.

IDEAS from Nicole to create a point of difference that will put you in the top of the market place on Timor Leste.

Ensure you have the highest speed of internet possible and available on the island. All business conducted in this day and age need the internet and if you have the reputation as the fastest internet in Timor, they will flock to you because it’s the greatest wish of a business person who lives in the West that is used to lightning speed internet access.

I also suggest in making the Internet ‘Free’, it costs no different to you and other places charge per the hour (although a revenue making stream), FREE internet is very very very attractive and will ensure people will stay for some time, buying coffees, meals, drinks etc, which creates far more revenue than $1 and hour and also keeps the place busy and exciting.

Have a separate website page, for the Business features. With pictures and the facilities in each room. I strongly suggest having a portable projector. At the resort, which can be used for power point presentations. It makes things easier for meetings and conferences, simple things that are very attractive to clients. Including all the features of the business centre.

There are other more specific ideas and implementations that can be put into place when the project is closer to opening.


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